New Books


the dog who found sorrow

Black smoke and clouds suddenly take over the city causing sadness for its inhabitants. Every colour and scent has disappeared. A brave dog takes a ladder and climbs up to the sky to see what’s wrong. It turns out the clouds are filled with very sad beings called Sorrows. The dog takes out his harmonica and starts playing it to lighten the mood.







riding high

This imaginative picture book tells a story of a boy learning to play a piano. One may think it is a long and boring journey, but it turns out to be the most exciting adventure in the world, because the little boy’s fantasy is wild like a horse.

In this fun and poetic picture book writer Inese Zandere compares learning to play a piano with learning to ride a horse, because both melody and horse can be slow and steady, wild and galloping, unpredictable and maybe even hungry. It is not easy to learn all the difficult chords and scales same as it is not easy to train a wild horse - especially if one hasn’t yet learned how to properly get on it’s back. It is quite possible that in this loud learning process some neighbours may get mad.





boy and his dog. story of a secret untold

This book is based on true events and tells the story of Žanis Lipke's son Zigis who helped his father hide jews during the World War II. The novel is to be published in volumes, in three seperate, simple brouchures as books were often published in Zigis' childhood due to financial shortage. The idea behind design was to evoke a feeling of the time and events through purely visual means. The first reader has to cut the pages open to uncover the secret that is mentioned in the book's title, but it is also a common polygraphic practise of the time. The yellowish colour palette was chosen to make illustrations look aged, but the childish, stiff and awry figures represent Zigis' perspective. 






pigtail and mr. sleeplessness

During these winter holidays five years old girl Pigtail wants to learn skating the most. However, shortly before the Christmas Pigtail’s baby brother appears to the world and turns everything upside down. Pigtail’s parents are fully occupied with him and her Grandma who has specially arrived from the countryside doesn’t know how to skate nor is any good at reading good-night-tales. So Pigtail together with her imaginary friend, Mr. Sleeplessness, come up with a plan to send Grandma and Baby Brother to the Moon in order to save the holidays and win back parents attention.

The book is based on a Christmas special with the same title “Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness”. The animation movie is directed by Edmunds Jansons and the script is written by Lote Eglīte. Illustrations of this book is a mix of movie stills and pictures drawn by Reinis Pētersons specially for this edition. Animation movie was produced by animation studio Atom Art.



the queen of seagulls

Renata is a middle-aged lady who cannot stand seagulls – she writes complaints about them to the city council and steals away seagull food which for some weird reason she really enjoys. Then a new neighbour moves in. It's a middle-aged man who plays accordion on his balcony all day long – another unbearable noise for Renata. The worst part is that he sings only about seagulls. Renata's life is now a complete misery. She dosen't know that she is actually the queen of seagulls, who used to live on a rocky island and all the seagulls brought her food. The thing is she felt very lonely there. There was nobody to love. So she drank a magical potion which made her forget everything she was and made her hate everything she used to love. Love is the only thing that can break this spell, but Renata dosen't remember that as well.

Renata tries to fight her misery – she takes a fishing rope and tries to steal away the noisy neighbour's acordeon. The fishing rope breaks and neighbour holding acordeon falls down on the ground. For a minute it looks really bad – she might have killed him. Fortunately she hasn't – only his both hands are broken. Renata feels very guilty about this so she starts taking care of the neighbour. After a few days the neighbour asks if she wants to hear a song about seagulls and Renata says yes. At the very moment the spell is broken and she remembers that she is the queen of seagulls and flies back to the rocky island with her newfound love to live happily everafter.




hello, whale!

This book is about Whale and Buzzfly – these are the nicknames grandfather and granddaughter have given to each other. Whale takes care of Buzzfly while her parents are at work – which is almost always. They spend a lot of time together, but there is one question bugging Buzzfly: why does Whale never says hello to others, even her friend's grandmother whom they meet almost every day? They have a long discussion about the importance of greeting others and Whale has to give in – Buzzfly is right and Whale should start to say hello, but he is just too shy. It is Buzzfly's responsibility now to teach Whale how to greet others, but it is not an easy thing to do: they have to start with greeting cats, cars and houses before Whale is brave enough to say hello to another person. His first try turns out quite bad, there is even police involved in this accident. Whale and Buzzfly have a fight but at the end everyone is happy and even journalists are surprised by this new trend – everyone is saying hello to everyone.